Reclaimed Wood Furniture Care Tip #1: Simple Regular Care is Key!

Follow these simple regular care tips to keep your reclaimed wood furniture looking great year after year…

  1. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. Additionally a slightly damp lint free cloth (i.e. tea towel or old t-shirt) can be used to wipe down the reclaimed wood furniture.
  2. Avoid furniture polish i.e. Mr Sheen or similar as they can build up a residue on the surface of the wood and start to eventually attract dust.
  3. To clean reclaimed wood dining tables after use, sponge the whole surface evenly (even dry areas) with a mild solution of water and soap with a wet cloth. Pat dry with a dry cloth to absorb excess water.

To read more care tips and advice on how to maintain your reclaimed wood furniture, read our full guide here

Reclaimed Oak Monastery Dining Table

Reclaimed Oak Monastery Dining Table

About mobiusliving

Mobius Living specialise in reclaimed, recycled and sustainable wood furniture for your home and garden. We use reclaimed and recycled wood and timber which is lovingly restored and processed to make handcrafted natural wood furniture. This includes solid oak, pine, elm, wooden oak beams, reclaimed old wood, teak, salvaged timber. Our range includes farmhouse kitchen dining sets, reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs, chunky oak coffee tables and rustic hallway and kitchen benches. We offer flexible, fast and free delivery options and hassle-free customer service designed to encourage our customers to come back time after time. Visit us online at
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1 Response to Reclaimed Wood Furniture Care Tip #1: Simple Regular Care is Key!

  1. Beeswax says:

    Keep excess moisture from your wood flooring by sealing each board correctly. By using this way, you avoid the possibility of the boards becoming warped and discolored.

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