Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs in Duck Egg Blue

Back by popular demand are our collection of farmhouse inspired reclaimed wood dining chairs painted in a simple and pretty duck egg blue hue. These solid wood chairs would work really well in either a formal dining room or in a kitchen setting ideal with a vintage reclaimed wood table for your friends to gather around for a well earned Friday night bottle of wine.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair In Duck Egg Blue

Available from £89, the chairs are lovingly hand crafted from solid eco-friendly reclaimed wood and then painted with a low VOC duck egg blue paint and a tough matt varnish designed to last for many years to come. Visit for more details.

Coming soon are new colour additions including apple green and pantry white.
Think these would look great in a different colour? We would love to hear your suggestions…

Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair In Duck Egg Blue

Great for dining or kitchen settings, made from eco friendly reclaimed wood

About mobiusliving

Mobius Living specialise in reclaimed, recycled and sustainable wood furniture for your home and garden. We use reclaimed and recycled wood and timber which is lovingly restored and processed to make handcrafted natural wood furniture. This includes solid oak, pine, elm, wooden oak beams, reclaimed old wood, teak, salvaged timber. Our range includes farmhouse kitchen dining sets, reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs, chunky oak coffee tables and rustic hallway and kitchen benches. We offer flexible, fast and free delivery options and hassle-free customer service designed to encourage our customers to come back time after time. Visit us online at
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