What is reclaimed wood furniture?

What is reclaimed wood? The Mobius Living guide to reclaimed wood furniture to make your home beautifully sustainable…

Mobius Living loves solid reclaimed wood furniture. There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood in home and commercial interiors but what exactly is this material and why is it becoming more popular?

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What on earth is reclaimed wood?

There are millions of homes, bridges, community buildings and docks worldwide that were constructed out of virgin wood timber many years ago.  When these structures come to the end of their working life and are knocked down, beautifully seasoned and air dried reclaimed wood is rediscovered and is ready to be recycled into something new and useful.

Reclaimed elm furniture set

Reclaimed elm wood table and bench

Reclaimed wood has always been considered a premium and plentiful material that is immensely strong and flexible with excellent durability due to its seasoned and air-dried nature, often taking decades or centuries to develop.

The reclaimed wood used in our handmade furniture is firstly cleaned and hand crafted into working material. The solid wood is then kiln dried for anti-infestation and to ensure consistent moisture content throughout. The material is then expertly handmade into finely crafted and uniquely characterful dining tables, chairs, benches and many other furniture pieces.

What’s so special about reclaimed wood furniture?

Being made from recycled hardwood, Mobius Living reclaimed wood furniture has a soft, natural, mature character with interesting and unique patinas, knots and grains.

Reclaimed teak farmhouse table

Reclaimed teak Farmhouse table top

Each piece of solid reclaimed wood furniture wears its history proudly with subtly finished grooves, nicks and imperfections. Every piece is unique to its owner unlike generic MDF or plastic alternatives.

Due to the materials inherent ‘vintage’ look and feel, the reclaimed wood furniture tends to be life and family proof and with a little care and attention can be passed from one generation to another. Who needs ‘throw-away’ home furnishings? View our reclaimed wood care guide.

What sort of interior design theme does reclaimed wood furniture compliment?

Reclaimed teak railway table

Reclaimed teak dining table

Equally at home in chocolate box cottages, vintage Victorian town houses or crisp contemporary kitchens, reclaimed wood furniture can either compliment or offer balance to interiors due to it’s warm and pared back look.

Our ‘Farmhouse’ reclaimed elm tables, benches and chairs have mid-toned, honey shades with intriguing grains that suit smaller, darker rooms. Our larger ‘Railway’ reclaimed teak table has an impressive depth of colour and rustic un-milled touch, which suits larger and more open rooms that can carry the darker tones.

Just a suggestion but we find rich, colourful and luxurious wallpaper or coverings (preferably large Fair Trade tapestries) and darker stone or ceramic floor tiles compliment reclaimed wood furniture really well. East-Asian artefacts and decorations can offer a different style to a traditional rustic, country farmhouse look.

Why does recycled wood make Mobius furniture more sustainable?

We love the idea of giving materials a 2ndlife. We believe furniture and home furnishings should have a low environmental footprint and using old wood helps to do that.

Farmhouse Reclaimed Teak Dining Chair

Farmhouse Reclaimed Teak Dining Chair

The material is renewable in the first place, which is a start. However if the carbon cost of felling trees, processing timber and inherent construction costs are shared over two ‘working’ lives then this leads to a more sustainable type of purchase.

Reclaimed wood products can substitute more environmentally damaging products. Using reclaimed wood in interiors can save up to 87% of the carbon cost of equivalent virgin timber products according to Waste and Resources Action Program (wrap.org.uk). Plastic, chrome and other un-renewable materials have an even higher environmental impact.

Unregulated de-forestation reduces bio-diversity, damages local communities and reduces life chances for many citizens of the poorest nations on Earth. Anything that reduces the demand for virgin timber can make a contribution to solving these problems.

Simply buying reclaimed wood products is not going to ‘Save The Planet’. However it can offer choice to a more sustainable consumer and hopefully a happier lifestyle.

View our most popular reclaimed wood furniture ranges…

View our guide to looking after reclaimed wood furniture…

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About mobiusliving

Mobius Living specialise in reclaimed, recycled and sustainable wood furniture for your home and garden. We use reclaimed and recycled wood and timber which is lovingly restored and processed to make handcrafted natural wood furniture. This includes solid oak, pine, elm, wooden oak beams, reclaimed old wood, teak, salvaged timber. Our range includes farmhouse kitchen dining sets, reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs, chunky oak coffee tables and rustic hallway and kitchen benches. We offer flexible, fast and free delivery options and hassle-free customer service designed to encourage our customers to come back time after time. Visit us online at www.mobius-living.co.uk.
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